Most people are aware of the term Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) and many supplement their diet with oils, but is there a right and a wrong oil?

The answer unfortunately is yes.

Chemically extracted oils pose a risk for any animal consuming them. The process leads to a chemical reaction between n-hexane and lysine in the original material, this forms 2,5-dimethylpyrrole (DeCaprio, Olajos & Weber, 1982) which is toxic (DeCaprio, Kinney & LoPachin, 2009), degenerating first the peripheral and then the central nervous system.

The other issue is whether the oils you are using are balanced as far as Omega’s are concerned (3, 6 & 9), or if they have  negative effect on absorption.

Cod Liver Oil for example is so high in Vitamin A, that it has a negative effect on the absorption of vitamin D, this has a domino effect on the absorption of calcium, and all that can lead to. 

The answer is to only use cold-pressed oils, which are not as immune-suppressing as fish oils, however, we do not recommend use of oil in a bottle, as oxidation leads to the oil becoming rancid.

We suggest that you supplement with oils that are encapsulated.

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